Oasis is currently receiving over 100 requests per week to surrender stray and feral cats and litters of kittens.  It is with deep regret that we cannot take in all of these deserving animals as we simply do not have the room or financial resources to care for the animals.  What we can offer is our low cost spay /neuter program to at least help curb the population. 


TO THOSE OF YOU STRUGGLING WITH STRAY AND FERAL CATS AND KITTENS, we understand how overwhelming the situation has become.  Therefore, from now until December 31, 2021 Oasis is waiving the income restriction of our Sterilization Assistance Program for any stray or feral kittens and cats that are put through our Program, and are expanding the number of animals per caregiver to 10.  Kindly complete the online application and send it in with your co-payment; no proof of income is necessary to submit.  We will provide you with authorization forms to get the animals sterilized.  Any questions please call our office at 856-284.6311.


Also, please be aware of a national organization that is dedicated strictly to feral cats.  Alley Cat Allies has been in the business of assisting people with feral cat populations for over 30 years.  Please go to www.alleycat.org for more information - including (temporary) ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES for cats! 


Oasis depends on generous people like you to spare what they can to make sure we can continue our work and mission to provide a sanctuary for our animals.

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Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday: 9am - 1pm*

Thursday: 9am - 1pm*

Friday & Saturday by appointment only.

*Wednesday and Thursday afternoon hours available by appointment only.

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Oasis anticipates a grand opening of the Cat Cottage in the Spring of 2022.  The upstairs is done, and is currently housing 3 very bonded adult felines.  Downstairs, although not 100% completed, is currently accommodating a mother cat and 4 stunningly beautiful kittens, all needing a bit more socialization before they can be adopted.  Once the kitchen area is completed, the cottage will be finished.  A long, arduous and expensive project, Oasis will be very proud to finally proclaim that the Cottage is done and fully functional!

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Spirit Horse Memorial

This memorial was created to remember all the animals that were able to spend their final days at Oasis Animal Sanctuary. The memorial was generously funded by a donor whom we cannot thank enough! And a thank you to the volunteers who helped put it together!

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Volunteers are one of the most important parts of daily life at Oasis. From animal care, to yard and farm maintenance, office work or fundraising assistance, we are always looking for individuals that want to make a difference. 

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The Oasis Animal Sanctuary has your next companion available today. Every week Oasis receives calls to take in new animals that are in immediate need of rescue. However, in order to take in more animals, we need to find forever homes for our current adoptable animals. Our adoptable animals will love and cherish their new home with you and your family. Click below and find the next companion for your home!

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