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Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sex: Female

Age: Senior

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Poor Zoey! Many years ago in her early life she spent 3 years in a cage at a county shelter. When her "time was up", she was whisked away by a no-kill shelter but spent 6 years there, most of the time is a room with many cats right next to many barking dogs. She was scared most of the time. Zoey had anxiety issues when she was brought to Oasis, and was put on some mild medication for her anxiety. Zoey now basks in a nice sized room all by herself, with lots of natural light and volunteers that come to visit her daily. She spends most of her time lounging in her bed or curled up on her cat post in front of a window. She is loveable but sometimes aloof. Sad, this little cat just learned how to play! She's had a tough life and we wish her to have a quiet home as the only pet where she can feel loved and secure.

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