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There are some animals residing at Oasis that have been so traumatized or abused that they simply are not adoptable. We consider these beautiful creatures Oasis’s permanent residents.  They are provided with more love and care than they received in their prior “home”.  Financial assistance is always needed and is gratefully accepted for their health and well-being.  


Because of the ongoing care required for these animals, Oasis has a sponsorship program to enable you to set up a recurring donation for a specific animal. 

Option 1: Set up a recurring donation using PayPal or Major Credit Card

The fastest and easiest way to set up an animal sponsorship is by using PayPal.  Simply complete the form below, including the name of animal you wish to sponsor, and you will be directed to PayPal.  


You may log in and use your PayPal account or use a major credit card.

Option 2: Set up a recurring donation using a personal check

If you prefer to send in your donations via a check, that’s ok too! Contact us by phone or email to set up a pay by check recurring donation and sponsorship.

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