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The Oasis Animal Sanctuary is just that - a Sanctuary: A place of refuge, asylum or safety.  Most of the animals accepted by Oasis are those that have suffered physical and/or emotional abuse, are deemed “too old” to be adopted by other shelters (and therefore subject to euthanasia,) or are homeless.  Most importantly, Oasis is a place of peace and nurturing.  We have created an environment that offers healing for not only their body but also their spirit.  Animals that are physically and mentally healthy enough to be adopted to new loving families continue on their Life’s journey; those that have been traumatized by their life experience, or are sick, are welcome to stay for the rest of their lives as our "permanent residents." 


While we may be unable to accommodate the same number of animals that pass thru a County or “kill” shelter, for those that reach our facility, there is no more imprisonment in small cages; no pain or illness ignored; no hunger, fear, or neglect. To the best of our ability, and in addressing each animal’s physical and emotional condition, they are kept in non-cage environments, free to socialize with others of their species as well humans. They are taught by positive reinforcement, not by fear and pain.  Euthanasia will be performed ONLY in the event that all other avenues to relieve suffering have been considered, and death is the only option to an otherwise unbearable existence.  Unlike government-funded shelters, Oasis will NEVER put any animal down in order to make room for more.  Because of these standards, we can only accept as many animals as we can humanely and financially care for properly. 

Most animals surrendered to Oasis have significant health issues.  Our goal is always focused on quality of life versus quantity of animals surrendered.  For the animals living at Oasis, their health issues are addressed to the best of our and our vet’s ability so they can live as stress-free and pain-free as possible.  Once healed, if they are adoptable they will be marketed as such; potential caregivers are well screened to ensure it is a good match for both person and pet.  This helps to ensure the animal is going to a good home, and the rate of return is very low.  If they are not adoptable the animal has a loving home at Oasis where the volunteers provide attention and care to each of our residents.  We offer all of our animals a high quality diet, professional vet care, and socialization with humans and their own kind.  Our success should not be rated in terms of animals brought thru the sanctuary, but in terms of each animal’s quality of life while here. 


Each of our animals has its own unique personality and little quirks that make it wonderful.  We hope you will enjoy their stories as you consider adopting one of our adoptables or sponsoring one of our permanent residents.  Thank you!

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