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Oasis is an animal “sanctuary”.  A Sanctuary is a much different place than an animal shelter.  It is a place of healing, peace and safety from harm.  Our goal is to intake homeless, abused or neglected animals, and heal them with proper nutrition, medical care and LOTS of loving kindness.  Cats and dogs are not placed in cages.  We do our best to have each animal in its proper habitat where it can feel safe.  We work to socialize the animals with others of their species to help them become more adoptable.  Our animals are spayed or neutered before they are adopted (1) to ensure they never reproduce, and (2) because they generally make a more calm and affectionate pet than an animal with nothing more than reproduction on their mind.  We take in as many animals as we can humanly and financially support.  Each animal is respected as an individual, and is socialized at its own pace. The adoptable animals move on in their journey into loving homes.  Our screening process may take a little longer than other animal agencies, but this process is essential in providing the animal the best odds of being happy in its new home.  We try very hard to match the animal with its caregiver; however, if the relationship does not work out, the animal is ALWAYS welcome back to Oasis.  For those animals too traumatized, sick or too old to be adopted, they have a permanent loving home here with Oasis. Unlike many other shelters, there is NO euthanasia to make room for more animals.


The co-founders of Oasis had the blessing of having Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah (now known as Best Friends Animal Society) as their mentor for the first few years.  The Company’s goal is to create a similar, albeit much smaller version of Best Friends in southern New Jersey.


The Oasis Animal Sanctuary is a tax-exempt, non-profit animal welfare organization.  After fourteen years of using only foster homes for our surrendered animals, Oasis finally found the perfect property on which to build a facility; and through a generous bequeathal, purchased the farm.  The established shelters in New Jersey are overwhelmed with unwanted, innocent creatures, and the need for an alternative strategy is immense. With our purchase of a 21 acre farm in Franklinville, NJ in May of 2015, we are building that alternative to those shelters and using innovative programs that are proven successful. Thanks to supporters like you, Oasis has helped hundreds of animals heal and find a better life, and sterilized many southern New Jersey animals and feral cats, humanely preventing hundreds of thousands of potential unwanted animals being born.

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