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During the winter of 2000, ”barn buddies ” Pam Brighton and Phyllis Van De Weghe discussed their ideas for improving the lives of animals who endured unspeakable cruelty and realized that each had creative approaches to this mutually desired goal.  They also discovered that each had different educational backgrounds and possessed unique strengths and talents that, if combined, would form a synergistic relationship that could produce an effect greater than the sum of either individual's efforts. With the addition of Pam's friend and former college instructor Dr. Harriet Doolittle, to the group, The Oasis Animal Sanctuary, Inc. was born on June 19, 2001.

Since that time the organization has experienced tremendous growth, along with the "growing pains" that naturally accompany such expansion.  Regrettably, Harriet passed away in 2009.  Other Board members were added; some left.  Our organization’s current Board is a stable group of very determined, effective and energetic women each bringing different talents and skills to the table. 


The Oasis Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit facility that provides a non-extermination refuge for homeless companion animals, farm animals and other creatures.  We provide food, shelter, medical attention, and plenty of loving kindness.

Our Five Initiatives define who we are:
  1. Oasis is about hope, healing and second chances. As a "no-kill" sanctuary, euthanasia is only performed when there is no other alternative to relieve suffering. Our first initiative is to transfer animals scheduled for death at “kill shelters” to us for adoption. We also accept animals from the general public.

  2. Oasis is dedicated to attack the problem of overpopulation. Therefore, our second initiative is a spay and neuter assistance program for lower income residents of NJ. A second tier in this initiative provides that companion animals leaving Oasis will be sterilized before their departure, to ensure that they cannot reproduce.

  3. To prevent the continuation of animal abuse, our third initiative is an education program for schools and community gatherings, to enlighten the public on the plight of homeless pets, caring for companion animals, and the benefits of pet sterilization. On-site learning experiences will also be provided.

  4. Oasis is concerned about horses and other farm inhabitants living in inhumane conditions. Our fourth initiative is to work with local animal control agencies, providing a safe haven for the animals until legal ownership can be relinquished.

  5. The fifth initiative is to provide a permanent home to as many animals as possible, of those too old, sick, or traumatized to be released.


Later, we hope to create a pet therapy program for children in hospitals and elderly shut-ins, to purchase a mobile adoption unit to advertise adoptable animals at community affairs, and to create an on-site foster care center for pets of people seeking to escape an abusive spouse but would not because there is no other alternative to leaving their pet(s) behind in that abusive environment.

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