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Belvedere 2018[3437]

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sex: Gelding


Belvedere is an impressive 16.2 hand, 30 year old thoroughbred with a beautiful stride. Unfortunately, due to a back injury he can no longer carry any weight at all. In his prime he could jump 3 and 4 feet fences, and to this day is still a stunning mover out in his pasture – as long as there is no weight on his back! He was diagnosed with “kissing spine.”

After his injury he was bounced around between homes; apparently his condition was so painful he would not allow any riders on him. His original owner bought him back when she learned his current owner was preparing to take him to auction; she feared he would most likely be purchased by the “killers”. She surrendered him to Oasis as she simply could not keep him. Because of his age and health issues, "Belvie" is a permanent resident of Oasis. He is being lovingly cared for at the co-founder’s farm located not far from the Oasis facility. 

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