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Beth Knudsen

Marketing, Fundraising, Trustee


Beth Knudsen was born an animal lover. In her kindergarten yearbook she said that she wanted to “take care of dogs and cats when she grew up”. Growing up in Philadelphia whenever she found an injured, unwanted or stray animal, she always nursed it back to health and tried to give it a loving home…usually her own. She strongly considered going to school to be a Veterinarian and almost went to University of Texas to study Animal Husbandry but decided to stay local and follow a different path. She graduated from Temple University with her Elementary Special Education degree and a minor in Sociology. After being in the Educational field for over 10 years, she  changed her career and has been the Director of Marketing at McGough Bus Company for the last five years. Although she has had no formal education in the animal field, she gained a lot of knowledge through experience and her drive to learn all she can. Now that she lives in Franklinville with a lot of property, she is taking full advantage and owns a small farm with three Nigerian dwarf goats, 8 chickens, 8 ducks and two rescue dogs, Demi and Charlie. Her and her husband, Roger, are big advocates for the American “Pit Bull” Terrier and take every opportunity to spread awareness, educate and change minds about the misjudged breed.

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