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Breed: Tabby

Sex: Male

Born: 12/06/06


Gussie (and TeTe) came to us after a series of family members who were caring for them passed away. Poor Gussie had some issues adjusting to his new life without his human companions, and would make a howling sound that one could hear throughout the farmhouse. With love and patience, he has since adjusted, and rather nicely. Gussie is a senior cat who is diabetic and requires 2 shots of insulin daily. He is also dealing with cataracts in his eyes and is losing sight. That does not stop Gussie from wanting love and attention though! Gussie is probably one of the most lovable cats you will find. He loves to headbutt your face and snuggle in your lap. He and TeTe share a large bedroom at the farmhouse because neither of them are friendly with the other cats. Besides snuggling in a human lap, Gussie's favorite thing to do is lay on the top level of his cat tree and combed!

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