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Breed: Tabby

Sex: Female

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Athena was a stray cat found at Garrison Lake family resort in southern NJ. She had a litter of kittens earlier this year and people visiting the lake took the kittens but not Athena. When the resort closed at the end of the summer, Athena was left there alone to fend for herself. Growing thinner and thinner, a local person trapped her easily with food. Oasis took her in and she was vetted and spayed. She will come to you when you call her name, and she likes to be petted, although does not like to be picked up. Athena is ambivalent to male cats but chases our little female kitten, Talia. She is VERY playful and loves her toys! Athena will need a little time to adjust to a new family but will definitely be a loveable pet!

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