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Hailey Rebyak


Hailey Bio Pic.jpg

Hi, my name is Hailey Rebyak! I started volunteering at Oasis in 2021. It has become my happy place! When I'm not volunteering on the farm, I'm kickboxing, playing flag football, writing, or taking care of other peoples' pets.  Life is about giving, loving, and learning, which is why I became a volunteer at Oasis and a teacher. I went to Rowan University and earned two bachelor's degrees, one in Early Childhood Education, and the other in Writing Arts. For me interacting with animals and teaching go hand in hand.  I've always believed that animals teach the most important life lessons. They teach you how to love and be loved. They also teach you how to care for something other than yourself, how to be thoughtful, how to work hard, and how to be a good friend. Animals are gifts and should be protected, which is why The Oasis Animal Sanctuary is so valuable. I'm more than grateful to be a part of The Oasis Animal Sanctuary and will continue to support and promote the safety of animals in any and all capacities.

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