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Monty & Pony

Monty & pony 2021


Monty, a 15 year old small thoroughbred gelding, and his companion "Tinkerbell," affectionately called Pony, a 12 year old Welsh pony, were surrendered to Oasis from a senior woman who could no loner care for the animals. Monty was a veteran hunter-jumper until a neck injury ended his show career. Pony did not want to be ridden at all and showed her displeasure by throwing her rider. Monty LOVES and craves attention (and animal crackers!), but Pony is much more shy. These two have bonded tightly and for the few months they were separated, they were both difficult and sad. Together again - and obviously happy - the pair will stay as permanent residents at Oasis.

Sadly, on February 13, 2024 Monty was humanely euthanized after suffering what appeared to be a severe stroke.

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