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dazzy 2020

Breed: Quarterhorse
Sex: Mare
Born: 2009


Dazzy came to us as her owner was moving and could no longer keep her where was being boarded. She was in a field with a dominant mare who attacked her and left her with a facial lacerations near her eye. Dazzy also had a bowed tendon in front leg along with ankle problems that made her unsound. She had to be moved to  a new location before her injuries worsened. To complicate matters, Dazzy having spent the first 10 years of her life in Texas, was having issues adjusting to the cold weather and the unfamiliar pollen in the air.

A change in the way her feet were trimmed helped Dazzy tremendously with her leg and ankle pain. She is on special medications for her allergies and has an extra warm blanket for the cold northeast winters. Regretfully, she has been diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease and can no loner be ridden, she will need medications for the rest of her life. That does not stop this little mare from being an absolute sweetheart around people though! She loves attention and apple treats.

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