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Fostering an animal provides an invaluable service to our organization. Simply put: Fostering Saves Lives.  Our network of approved foster homes allows us to take in more animals than we could normally accommodate at the sanctuary.  The Oasis Animal Sanctuary provides the foster parent/family with food, litter, supplies and covers all costs for veterinary care.  The foster family provides plenty of loving kindness while working on socialization skills to enhance the animal's chances of adoption.  On occasion, the foster family will be asked to bring the animal to an adoption event. We are ALWAYS in need of good foster homes.


Some common misconceptions about fostering an animal:


"I don't have the space": While this might be true if you are considering fostering a large dog, a cat or kitten only requires a small spare bedroom, office or bathroom where it can feel safe and secure as it adjusts to its new environment. Remember, whatever space you do have is most likely larger and more comfortable than a shelter cage.


"I already have pets and they might not get along":  When the foster animal first comes home, it should be kept separate as it adjusts to the new sounds, smells and sights.  Of course your pets will know another animal has arrived, but they will begin to slowly accept the foster if introductions are done appropriately, slowly and safely.  There are products such as Feliway Comfort Zone diffusers and Rescue Remedy flower essences that can ease anxiety with the transition.  In addition, The Oasis Animal Sanctuary is always available to provide support and guidance to make the integration less stressful.  Remember, socialized animals are much more likely to be adopted because many families have multiple pets.


"I might get attached":  Chances are, if you are considering fostering, you are already a kind, compassionate person who loves animals and is concerned for animal welfare.  Getting attached is a natural human response.  When it comes time for the animal to transition to its forever home, you may feel brokenhearted, but this feeling is temporary.  The feeling will pass shortly after you realize how you have positively affected the life of the animal, giving it a second chance to find a forever home with someone who will love it just as much as you did.  You are a helping the animal along its journey through life.  The happiness that this pet will bring to its new family is priceless.  


While fostering can be difficult at times due to the transitions early on, and the emotional goodbyes during the adoption process, keep in mind the higher cause and broader picture.  Fostering is about being of service to the animal and can be an extremely rewarding experience.


If you are interested in opening up your heart and home to an animal in need, please complete our foster application found below. The form can be mailed or emailed to the addresses found here. Someone will be in touch with you when your application is reviewed.

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