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Breed: Halfinger Cross

Sex: Gelding

Born: 2011

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Gulliver, now a 15 year old Haflinger / grade gelding, was originally surrendered to Oasis when the organization purchased their farm in Franklinville in 2015. The former caregivers moved to another part of the country and could not take Gulliver. We were told he was trained to drive but does not like a saddle on him. He had some ground-work training with Frank Michel, a NJ based equine trainer certified through the John & Josh Lyons Equine Training Program. Also a young woman barrel racer was working with him and she started riding him; unfortunately she went back to college and is no longer around. Gulliver needs someone who can spend a lot of time with him and provide him with training and a job to do. Gulliver is a very intelligent animal and needs to have a purpose other than lawn ornament! PLEASE - ADVANCED RIDERS OR EXPERIENCED TRAINERS ONLY! Gulliver is NOT the horse for a person to start learning how to ride, or for someone without advanced knowledge of horsemanship and experience. A farm check will be required as part of the adoption process.

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