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As a young puppy, this handsome boy was brought home by a college bound girl to parents who expressly did not want a dog.  When the daughter finally left home for college, the father locked poor Maks into their metal tool shed in the back yard.  The shed had no windows so the dog was literally alone in the dark for 24 hours a day, except for his 2 potty breaks. Maks lived in this darkness for the next 8 months – all winter long in the cold - until someone intervened between the family and Oasis. He appeared to be a mix of Labrador Retriever and Border Collie; very intelligent, loveable, and high energy due to being confined for so long.   Maks was surrendered to Oasis, who, after a bit of searching found him the perfect caregiver – a young man who ran as a hobby.  Maks now had the ability to go for long runs with his human; and last time we heard, he was happy and much better adjusted.


Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, an exceptionally emotional call came in to The Oasis Animal Sanctuary office.  “Please!  You just HAVE to help this dog!  I saw him at an adoption event and the person from the Rescue said they were going to kill him this week if no one adopts him NOW!  I didn’t know rescue groups also killed animals!  I’ve called all over the state and no one can help him – please DO SOMETHING!!” 


President Pam Brighton calmed the caller down and asked for more information.  “Jackson” was another sad, all-too-common case: a nine year old male Golden Retriever mix with just the sweetest personality, found emaciated and cowering behind a strip mall in Woodbridge, NJ. The rescue had him for a while and was planning to euthanize him if he was not adopted in the next few days.  After they hung up, Pam went to work tracking down a foster home.  A lot of phone calls later, and a lucky break for Jackson, Pam was able to arrange one for him.  The next day she rescued Jackson from Death’s untimely grip.


Foster Mom took excellent care of Jackson; he particularly enjoyed the long walks they took down quiet country lanes in Cecil, NJ.  Just as he was settling in comfy with Foster Mom, something wonderful happened!  One day, as they walked down a particular road, a lady came out of her house to say hello.  Jackson wagged his tail and gazed at the lady with his soft brown eyes, and she fell in love with him.  The kind woman listened as Foster Mom told the sad tale of his life and near-death experience, and then she inquired about adopting him! Lo and behold, Jackson – renamed Toby – had found his forever home.


Don’t believe in fairy tales?  Then take a look at the of a very happy dog who spends his summer weekends boating off Cape May with his family!  (Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?) This “rags-to-riches” little fellow thoroughly enjoys schmoozing it up with his canine buddies at the marina, and his new family members are completely captivated by his charm and personality.  So, as all fairy tales go...and they all lived happily ever after!

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