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Breed: Thoroughbred

Sex: Male

Born: 2010

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Hugo was once a formidable racehorse, running 11 races and winning 2! However, he unfortunately broke an ankle on the track. Because of his injury he was no longer competitive and his owners were going to send him to auction, where he would most likely have been sold to the "killers". He was only 6 years old! Hugo came to Oasis as a last resort and with a bulging ankle that needed time to heal. He has been here since 2016, healing his body and spirit. He has not had any re-training since his injury to be a trail or show horse, but he can really get some speed up racing around his field! Standing a little over 17 hands, he is a big boy and a typical thoroughbred - a bit skittish, and more so around men than women. He is very good for the farrier and the vet, and LOVES animal crackers! Hugo would be adopted out ONLY AS A PASTURE PAL, AND ONLY TO AN EXPERIENCED HORSE OWNER. A farm check will be required as part of the adoption process.

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