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Phyllis Van De Weghe

Co-Founder, Vice President & Treasurer, Trustee

As a divorced mother of two, Phyllis began attending Montclair State College in January 1985 as a full time Accounting student while working full time to support her children. She graduated cum laude in January 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Moving to southern New Jersey in the Fall of 1989 with her daughters and a new husband, she worked in small accounting firms until accepting a position in February 1992 in the Tax Compliance Group at Price Waterhouse in Philadelphia. Phyllis learned much about tax law, and survived four tax seasons with the Firm. In May 1996 Phyllis joined Comcast Corporation as a Senior Accountant in the Corporate Division's payroll area.  Working in this capacity for three years, she accomplished the entire year end payroll processing and reporting requirements for over 300 domestic and foreign employees including the top executives,

accounting for an annual payroll of over $75 million in wages and various forms of compensation. She was also responsible for administering Comcast's Incentive Stock Option Plan, split-dollar life insurance policies, and participated in creating the annual Proxy for the domestic and UK Companies. In February,1999 Phyllis left Comcast to return to the individual taxation field at First Union National Bank (prior to its acquisition by Wachovia Bank). She joined the Capital Management Group as a Tax Officer, was promoted to Assistant Vice President in the National Services Group in August 2000, and promoted to Team Leader in the tax department of the Wealth Management Group in November 2002. Phyllis

maintained her leadership position when Wachovia Bank was bought out by Wells Fargo Bank. Phyllis retired from Wells Fargo in November 2019.


Single again, Phyllis now resides on her own 10 acre farm in Upper Deerfield, Cumberland County, NJ with her horse Magic, and two Oasis permanent resident horses. She has 3 cats, 2 of which were surrendered to Oasis when the former caregiver passed away. She volunteers her time writing grants or doing accounting/bookkeeping/tax services for Oasis. Her hobbies include horseback riding, photography, and making Shutterfly books.

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