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Breed: Royal Palm Turkey

Sex: Male

Born: approx. 2015


Zeus is a young male Royal Palm turkey who came to us in the early spring of 2016.  Zeus arrived with an injured leg and was barely able to stand. A trip to the vet confirmed he had a fractured ankle and was also underweight.  Zeus received several months of individualized care consisting of foot soaks, homeopathic remedies, restricted exercise & nutritional supplementation. This turkey quickly captured the hearts of his caretakers and he proved to be quite the model patient, perhaps understanding that we were helping him.  By the time summer arrived, Zeus was healed enough to join the other birds outside on a full-time basis. Volunteers built him his very own home and he will continue to reside as a permanent Oasis resident for as long as he lives. If you visit the sanctuary, you can often find Zeus standing by the gate waiting for some admiration and attention. We love Zeus! 

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